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Half Glow

by The Penske File

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Bad Dreams 03:07
Growing pains, polluted traditions Painting entertainment on our politicians Package the waste. build your disguise Mixing up your bible with the Lord of the Flies Do your bad dreams keep you awake These growing pains, this whole thing’s insane Trying not to sweat while our house is in flames And all I can take away is the shakes Drown out the dread with another mistake So turn back on your darkness And look homeward angel They say, “you’ve got a bright future” Too bad it ends tomorrow And still your bad dreams keep you awake Somehow your bad dreams keep you awake What do you tell yourself at night When your sweating through the sheets When you’re crawling with the heat Where all your ghosts and ghouls reside The darkest corners of your mind They’re calling out tonight
Chorus Girl 03:44
Chorus Girl, I’m bound for cover Peel me off this interstate line And the sharpened splinters of desire They cut through the cobwebs in my mind You know that I can hardly wait I can hardly wait to Burn our fingers through Your dad’s classic rock collection And I know your favourite disc It’s an old Tom Petty classic Girl, I know that you’re a dancer We’re gonna twist these nights away If you’ll bare with me, Chorus Girl And Chorus Girl, do you believe me when I say That I never miss much of anything And I don’t want to be your mystery Or your hollow, cut-throat, organ thief Don’t throw the rose in the river Bare with me
You were the first to second guess it And I was the last one to say no Through the footprints in the darkness We’d stumble home We were restless on rooftops In cities we don’t know Hiding from those flashing lights We were so goddamn stoned The highs and lows, they come and go Can you believe That we’re both still alive So light the candles and let them burn Hell, burn them at both ends Like the night with the molotov Cocktails in both our hands The highs and lows, they come and go
The twilight of our youth illuminated Skipping seconds, under streetlights that blind There’s love and there’s sin And some warmth in your skin Dust gathers ‘round our eyes
Ride It Out 03:40
Did you forget, forget how to write again All the ink stains are starting to run dry They said just write, they said just write So I just wrote And it poured out like a transatlantic storm For the next day, it’ll sink down to the bottom They said just swim, to ride this out So we’ll ride this out Do you remember where we were? You said, “There’s nowhere else in the world” So we’ll ride this out With cheap spirits to chase the ace And the bluff that you called love No, its not the end of the world Just a splinter of disaster It’s just the ice on the road that sent the van out of control Or the thief who finally got it in the end But when the lynch-pin to your great escape starts crumbling We’ll ride this out Swear to me that there’s no place you would rather be Cause I swear to you that there’s no place I would rather be Than right here with you
I know that dollars ain’t for dreamers I know that happiness is strange They found your father with his dog tags Left you to carry out his name There’s a motion in the ocean A baby crying on the plane O, what turbulent emotion Flying through clouds, casting shade I’m still waiting I’m still waiting for the rain To wash me away I heard that lookouts are for lovers Parked out in cars on second dates I heard their limbs were innocent Till Eden tarnished their blank slates There’s a darkness in that garden A sin that slithers through the trees On what elegance we started Before temptation turned disease I lost my wallet, lost my keys Lost my innocence in a dream I stood by in disbelief as she walked away I watched the moon lay about I heard some people scream and shout But it never meant anything to me
There is life and then death Filling up with regret Pick up the puzzle pieces, ‘till your last breath Achievements and mistakes I’ll take the praise, you take the blame No two people are the same I’m passing through the mountains again And I have not changed on my end The season’s are changing and I’m not blaming you, my friend For letting me down again Picked up a magazine off the shelf And saw this young girl hating herself Accepting the world telling her who she has to be The night sky opens up, we left the city in our dust No one’s awake for miles around and now I can see Waiting for something to happen Something worth saving This life on the road Displacing ourselves all over Asking life’s questions Will we ever know?
Take it from me, you’re a bleeder Your heart is written on your sleeve Compassion, it spills out from your speech Take it from me, that you’re honest And they believe you when you speak And that’s a tough hurdle to leap Take that from me I know took that from you, he’s a liar And he’s been dining with the rats And sponsoring the cowards I know he took that from you, but you’re alright Hell, just look at what you’ve built Light a fire to the guilt The father, son and holy ghost They don’t talk to me no more We danced around like the Brat Sisters But we don’t have to stay here anymore So smoke another cigarette, watch it shine We swore we’d quit by 25, but bad habits stain tonight We’re just another cyanide Cinderella story Sister, we’ll be fine And when it finally crossed her mind That she could leave this all behind She split for the coast To kill the ghost before his prime And then it finally crossed her mind That we could burn the city tonight Cause we are arsonists.
Posters plastered on the wall Bubblegum love: the pre-teen noose A diary for secret words Some makeup to cover the bruise When your house split in two You went out searching for a different truth Suzanna, has got that New York City smile Suzanna, is but the ghost of a child Did the leaves shake the ground And make that hometown beacon sound When the wolves gathered ‘round To pick your bones clean from the clouds Did it sting? did it stick Can flailing arms still scratch that itch Did you find your lover after midnight Can you pull some gold from all this grey Under streetlights, you found the world.
This graveyard, it’s only half full And through the crooked gates I can count all the stones Her hurricane head is stirring up again And her ex-lover’s treason is the reason She calls me instead How long can you live like a ghost What was once here, it is no more And now everybody’s got their point of view It’s just that mine’s over hear And I can see right through you From your half blood truce to your hollow lies From those half blood truths in her wine soaked eyes What was once here, it is no more She said, “the ragged reaper’s back at it again.” Yeah, it’s got a hold, the hurricane in her head Was it something she did, or maybe something she said She’s been falling in love with the dead And going in and out of her hurricane head.
Modern World 02:48
Let there be songs for the workers And songs for the drunks Songs for the lovers who just can’t get back up And down in the alley, Suzy’s looking for her crutch Her feet are so tired Let there be streetlights so bright They block out the moon Hashtags and gasoline and impending doom Out on the rigs, Sammy’s working for his food One hand in his pocket, the other in his tomb How do we live in this modern world Let there be laugh lines so heavy And teardrops so light Wintery darkness In the generation plight Out on the front lines there falling with the tide We’ve got to move past it now Hatred and doomsday devices Just leave us to our own sunken vices I hate to break it to you The ‘20s are coming but we’ll never roar again The ‘20s have come but we’ll never roar again
Scratch the itch of the accidents You burned all the evidence All the poison in increments Still it was funny to see you there Now we’re just lovers after midnight Now let’s boil, boil our bad blood Return my innocence and I’ll give back your house key And you can give back my records Still it was funny to see you there Now we’re just lovers after midnight And I was tongue-tied in the morning, I was fried We’re just lovers after midnight To contest, in our defence You were not wrong But nor was I


released July 21, 2023

The Penske File are:
Bass, vocals: James Hall
Guitar, vocals, keys: Travis Miles
Drums, vocals: Alexander Standen

Composers on all songs: Travis Miles, Alexander Standen, James Hall
Recorded at Drive Studios in Toronto, ON
Produced by The Penske File & Steve Rizun
Engineered, mixed and mastered by Steve Rizun
Assistant engineer: Andy Henderson


all rights reserved



The Penske File Burlington, Ontario

Burning with the earth in symmetry


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