A Restless Symphony

by The Penske File

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released April 26, 2013


all rights reserved



The Penske File Burlington, Ontario

Burning with the earth in symmetry


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Track Name: Chorus o' Time
We sang the chorus of time.

Tonight my rear view mirror will drive me home,

and if I don’t speak clearly, baby don’t hold it against me.

‘Cause I’m exploding towards the skyline and I’m bursting at the dreams.

Oh, how the time has passed 
with friends and age and ash.

It’s made me believe.
Track Name: Battered Boat
We’re all reborn in a hurricane.

Blinded by sharp and heavy greys.

Since that day I haven’t felt the same,

catastrophes through a windowpane,

catastrophes crashing down on me.

Six more starry nights to ease my brain

this metronome hangs in a still frame,

on a battered boat, banking on a shore.

We’ll all wake up one day with new skin,

spit out of the crashing waves.

We can teach these tattered tides to talk the talk
If we roll like thunder, will it strike like lightning?

The rubble rambles in my skull,
beautiful and frightening.

Now my ship don’t float the same.

I found the jackline overboard again this morning.

It must have blown away when the storm hit.

We ignored all the warnings,
banking on that shore.

Track Name: The Valley
In the centre of this suburb there’s a back creek 
where the kids get whittled down,

and at the edge of the water there’s a seamless hint of autumn
 in the sounds.

Now my brain starts beating faster
and my heart, a ghetto blaster to the shroud

of twisting winding trees.
Lets turn these creeks into seas, and sing aloud.

We won’t let these cities conquer us.

We’ll watch them rise and fall.

So climb on out of your basement room,

‘cause we’re leaving soon.

In the centre of this city 
the sidewalk cracks and it’s not pretty,

as a tired man sleeps upon the vent

suits stroll by with broken pity and it’s sad.

Some nights we sell it all short and that’s all we have.

We’re leaving tonight
Track Name: The Graveyard
Our fingertips are numb, linking hands
around your coffin as your world ends
chasing the red robins.
I’m sorry you never made summer, fall, or winter,
as you ride away.

We cut our teeth on laughter and ambition,
and now your smile burns with the sunrise,
love and sorrow.
No man I won’t return the dreams we stole.

There’s laughter in the graveyard tonight.
There’s open wounds sealed with wax.
Candlelight, cards, and chords.
When I feel like you’re still around I feel like I’m home.

The seasons still turn, the kids still yearn,
but now your bedroom is a stagnant memoir.
Your parents still laugh and your sisters still in school
and the highway is still calling my name,
but none of us will ever be the same again

Six more starry nights to numb our pain.
I remember when you told me you weren’t afraid to die.
So fill it up, so we’ll fill it up
and watch it drain away
Grab a glass, reminisce, we’ll take this day by day.

Guide me home
Track Name: BLW
Black leather wallet with 20 dollars inside, it’s not mine
‘cause I owe more to the government and my parents.
Dear landlord I can’t pay my rent no more

I’ve grown bored with the papers, numbers, pens, and debts,
the deadline and the ink I can’t erase.
Take me away from this place

The term is over, and I’m still alive my friend
so me and Ben will drive to where the highway ends.
We’ll spark one up and set it off.
As the years they come
the thoughts they grow.

The real world is looming so breath this in my friend.
Track Name: Steve the Stone
I’m just a crack on the ground, a stone on the road
on my words I trip, and from my dreams I’ll fall.

So follow the crack on the horizon,
before it freezes under you.

I’m just a crack on the ground, a stone on the road,
and forever I reach for the unattainable.

So drive through the night.
We’ll find peace in the struggle.

So leave my mind on the ground, and give my soul to the sky.
Another stone on the road, trying to fly

So fly on airways with time tonight.
You’ll find me further down the line.

Follow the crack on the horizon.
Track Name: I've Been Thinking
Yeah I’ve been thinking about what the hell to apply myself to
taking in consideration all the things that I love to do,
like loading in before the start,
like hopping in a van to spread apart the real from fiction,
or at least what I construe as the colours inconsistent
to black and white.

And I’d like to think I know that everything will fall in its space
like the puzzle I built 13 years ago at my folks’ old place.
But that place has passed
with friends and age and ash

Yeah, I’ve been thinking

I’ve been paving this road with lullabies of wasted time
and a hint of hope, in that summer smoke.
And this autumn air it speaks to me
from the coloured leaves fallin’ off those trees
and I realize the world drifts along
while everyone is singing their own song.

Everyone is singing their own song
Track Name: Wild Youth
I was sitting on a park bench, just 16,

christening my virgin lungs and coming clean

in my own head, in my own mind.

Hanging with some friends that I haven't forgot

in Sherwood Park Forest, that old hometown spot,

we were coming into our own.

Falling apart from the start.

And we went wild

The trains passed by, that’s how we measured the time
every hour on the 13, straight through the night.

We were wasted, youthful and faithless.

Then it came down like a bomb, we had lost our brother

it was that ever-loving summer where we needed each other

we were mourning by the moonlight, waiting for the sun to rise.

And we went wild

Now the years pass by, with friends, and age, and ash

now I believe, so set me free
With asphalt and chalk lines we drew out our nights

and never realized they wouldn't rub off

so don't rub off,
stay with me

And we'll go wild
Track Name: Paintbrush Eyes
This landscape makes its mark on my mind
and the radio yells “ Oh, the times”.
Beating hearts are releasing, tired of the grey wind,
finding paintbrushes in eyes.
Repaint these streets, with the art of state of mind.

The gaslight’s on, but the song’s still going strong.
I can’t pull over now.

Consume the freedom, consume the energy.
‘Cause it’s been depleted, remedies and melodies
two lanes that look so bare,
heart frames and wheels that stare,
a dark night with nothing but a match,
an itchy mind and fingers that can scratch.

I can’t pull over now.
Track Name: The Escapist
Tattered pockets, and spare change
just buying time to chase these clouds away
and every hour that he did drain left the bags under his eyes
and the bullets in his brain.

We can’t keep living in still frames.
Tear these pictures down, embrace this feeling.
The restlessness he can’t shake,
haunted by the hour glass and open graves.
Sometimes it takes some time to get rid of that bad taste.
It lingers on his tongue, for too long,
until he sings his song.

I won’t be home for long.
With packed bags and pacing lungs
these new scars will prove you wrong.
I’m alive when the night hits, smashed open wide
until the dawn.

From the palms of my hands
I can feel these walls are real
and this shrinking ceiling informs me that
we’ll all be gone someday
I know we can find hope in the exits,
I feel it as these notes choke up my fear.
I heard we’re all drowning in the waves,
but it’s Friday night and tonight we dance for graves.
Tonight we dance for graves.
Track Name: This is it ...
This is it, this is the end.
I only have 6 or 7 words left to the letter that I wrote:
just text to burn, I’ll join it up in smoke.

As this road whittles down,
just before my bones lay underground,
I’ll sing a song to the sky to you.
I hope you’re tired, tried and true.

This is it this is the end.
you mine for meaning:
the precious metals of your last breath.
Would you trade them in for a second chance?
I’ll hold them dear while I pass.

I only have one shaky verse left
to the song that wrote itself
so I could pass in good health
and spiral into the great unknown. 

So come on join me up in smoke.
Take my hand we’ll drift away.
Come on baby, this will be my last day

This is it, this is the end.
Track Name: A Restless Symphony
All the time that’s passed has made me believe

in these sick, starry nights,

and in these lonesome highway rides,

and in this indecision,
and in your sleepy eyes. 

I found the chorus of time.

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